Thursday, 31 August 2017

Sad! The only surviving member of his father's family dies,and was buried with a coffin made from abandoned plank constructed by Boys' Brigade,after his family abandoned his corpse

 Photo: The Boys' Brigade burying the corpse of their member

Isn't this sad? That a boy,a 13 year old boy who was the last surviving member of his father dies and his family abandoned his corpse,saying they don't have money to bury him? What kind of burial are they talking about that they didn't have money for? A burial of just a boy f 13 years? What an obvious hatred for the little 13 year old boy and his late father's family. Sad! The only surviving member of his father's family dies,and was buried with a coffin made from plank constructed by Boys' Brigade,after his  family abandoned his corpse? This sad story happened in Mbaitolu,in Imo state,Nigeria. The name of the deceased was Promise Mmadueke.

The story of promise Mmadueke has it that his father dies some years ago. Out of oppression and maltreatment to his mother who was accused of having killed her husband,she was chases out of her husband's house,leaving promise and his elder brother to her husband's family,who took the children away from her.

Little more later his elder brother passed out living him in custody of the grand mother who nurtured Promise. Promise was a devoted lover of Gods work. He was a Roman Catholic but belonged faithfully to the Boys' Brigade Company at Christ Ang. Church Nwaorieubi.

When Promise died,the Catholic church where he belonged didn't recognize him and it did not contribute to burying him . After much deliberation, the Boys' Brigade members filed a police report about the death, made necessary registrations, sealed his death certificate from the Local Government Area and marched as one big family to pay the last respect to this boy. It was the Boys' Brigade that buried Promise!

''We paid for the ambulance, mortuary bills, instrumentalist etc yet the family refused to pay a dime.'' The boys' brigade said.They continued: ''None of the family members came to the mortuary to accost us or cheer with us.'' The Boys Brigade constructed a coffin made from abandoned planks which was decaying to carry the Boys' body. The purported coffin was even too short to accommodate his leg space that we had to loosen it this morning and pay carpenters to readjust the length of the wood.

Could you imagine all of this? See the abandonment by the boys family,by the church where he worshiped with,and by his uncles who seized all his father's properties soon after he died. They could not bury their own blood,and they could not bury their own faithful members!

God bless the Boys' Brigade for their love,care and brother affection! God bless them because they have also blessed an innocent,poor child whose life was taken by the greatest man's enemy ,death and the wickedness of this world. In matters like this,I do not talk too much but leave it to the one who can do the best justice to it! May the God of justice judge the families that abandoned the corpse of Promise Mmadueke, justify his family,and vindicate the oppressed mother of Promise who was denied the joy of her family!!!

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