Friday, 18 August 2017

Should a pregnant rape victim abort her pregnancy?

Abortion,in all over the world,is not something that is wholesomely acceptable. It is something that is bad both in the eyes of God and in humans. However,there are some cultures that claim that certain circumstances permit and or allow abortion uprightly. Such circumstances include
pregnancy from rape,and aborting unborn babies who are abnormal or badly informed from birth. Should a pregnant raped victim abort her pregnancy?

Most times,pregnancies from rape  are aborted. Reasons for aborting unborn babies which pregnancies are resulted from rape include fear that such babies will end up being bad like their fathers and secondly,keeping such babies will always remind the victims and their families the ugly ordeal that have resulted in pains,shame and embarrassment to their families.

Should a pregnant rape victim abort her pregnancy? No she shouldn't. Any rape that results in pregnancy does so because a man meets one at the time one is in her ovulation period. The baby in your womb is really part of you even though, a rapist got it right there in you.

People like Oprah Wilfred was raped many times by people,even those who are bloodily related. So many of them have also become pregnant through rape and give birth to their children who later grow to become useful and blessings.

Aborting pregnancies because they are caused by rape will not erase the mark or the fact that you are already raped! In fact,you will have ended up causing more harms to yourself by aborting your baby than the rape itself,causing yourself more pains and loss than the rape case!!!

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