Tuesday, 29 August 2017

''Spice up your relationship by watching porn with your parner''- Vera Sidika

''Porn is good for couples''- Vera Sidika

Porn,which is a short form for pornography,is any picture or image that displaces nudity or nakedness. It is in porn videos or pictures that  someone can watch people performing s*xual activities with impunity and too much seriousness. Porn teaches young ones how to have s*x. Porn makes the body leave shamefully without giving any satisfaction after watching it. 

It is in porn that one can ask such questions as: What kind of people have s*x like this? Are they really humans or something else?

For the question What kind of people have s*x like this to exist,the viewer must have confirmed that those who perform s*xual activities or who have s*x on porn are not just normal people like you and I. The way they have s*x in porn is very very far from being normal! So,why would Vera Sidika advice couples to ''spice up their relationship by watching porn together?''

Again,the question: ''Are they humans or something else that have s*x like this?'' shows that the way s*x is displayed or done is more like the way animals have and enjoy their s*x. Women screaming,shouting,and groaning in pains? All for having s*x? Is this what Vera Sidika meant? Does she understand porn this extent before saying:  ''Spice up your relationship by watching porn with your partner?''

Advising couples to watch porn together in order to spice up their relationship is like advising tricycle drivers to drive on a high way you know they cannot. If they don't die in accident,they will likely sustain serious injuries! People who have s*x on porn are drugs addicts. Is Vera  Sidika asking couples to always take hard drugs before having s*x in order to do it like they do in porn? What does she mean when she says : ''Spice up your relationship by watching porn with your partner''? I have never seen any one who enjoys s*x in pornography, whether the doers,or the viewers!!!

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