Monday, 7 August 2017


Victims of  Ozubulu attack

killing! killing!! killing!!!  Sounding so sad right?! If it is not a suicide bombing here today,whether it is with guns or bombs,it will be be another blood sucking act there tomorrow! Who are these suicide bombers on earth? Every finger is pointing at Boko haram from the north and in the north but this time,they are not!

The recent bombing attack on one Sunday morning,making it the blackest Sunday in the annals of Ozubulu community,in Anambra state Nigeria is really a sad one no one can deny,can you??

Being humans,unforeseen occurrence befalls everyone of us in this little world of ours. This explains why we can be at wrong places at right times. Are we in any way saying that being in church to give praises and worship to the almighty creator of the universe is wrong? Definitely not! Neither can we say that the time at which the evil act occurred was the wrong time. The only thing wrong about the incident was the thought to go down a church of over 500 worshipers and blew their heads off with gun shots. That was evil!

You can imagine the act of biting a friend who never ever posses to be  an enemy. Suicide bombing and killing,the most cowardice act in human history!

You can imagine putting a sword in the throat of an alien,one who never meant any bad to you. Suicide bombing and killing,the most cowardice act in human history!!

You can imagine the thought of going to a place of worship to God,the creator of the universe,to kill and waste precious life and blood on the floor of holy sanctuary. Suicide bombing and killing,the most cowardice act in human history!!!

Many of you reading this might wonder while we call the act of using gun and killing humans in church  suicide bombing instead of something else. Yes,it is so because,it was an act of boko haram. It is boko haram characterized. They like going to  rowdy places such as churches,mosques,music concert arenas,and other public functions to destroy lives,although,the evildoers weren't from the north,but from the South Africa.

Yes,for some on lookers who are still wondering if it was actually boko haram that invaded east or some other new groups of cowardice,research and findings from police and crime investigation offices show that the blood shed attack at Ozubulu was invaded by some drug barons from South Africa,who got information that one of their betrayals who failed to keep their deal and agreement ran down to his home town, Ozubulu,Anambra state Nigeria. Over the years,he's been supporting and promoting the church with abused currencies and getting one big title or another from the church.  In bid of finding him to kill him like he had killed others and ran away with their hard currencies,the drug dealers went straight into the catholic church were they assumed he went to and began shooting,and killing more innocent lives.My dear,they are not the real boko haram we  know this time! Although it was earlier assumed that it was the boko haram who couldn't come to east with bombs,so they maneuvered guns into the church somehow,with their agents in east and did their ever wishes as blood thirsty as they are!! Suicide bombing,the most cowardice act in human history!!!

The incident that took the lives of over 50 persons in Ozubulu did not leave us without any lessons. Since your opinions are as good as mine,what is your take???

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