Friday, 11 August 2017

The necessary actions against blood thirsty Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria-

 Fulani herdsmen kill many in Benue state
The issue of Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria seems to be getting out of hand. Not once,twice or three times have Fulani herdsmen attacked indigenes in their homes while sleeping at night and butchered them like they do their cows and cattle. Not once or twice have these same Fulani herdsmen attached people on the road,robbed them and raped women on transit. The story of how they attack farmers in their own farms,rape and murder them is so endless to recount,but here is the story of of the blood thirsty herdsmen in Benue state,Nigeria,killing not less than three people in their own farm.

The worst of it all is that the government of Nigeria where theses evil perpetrators succeed with  murder feel so less concern about taking necessary action to terminate the evil act. Not once,twice or three times have reports given on Fulani herdsmen causing unrest and threat to live,and the government seems to be so deaf about it! May God judge,and judge you again and again!!


In one community called Okpanku in Enugu state Nigeria,the youths and young vibrant men have become the major source of security to their community. On hearing the wicked actions of murder by Fulani herdsmen going from one grazing community to another,killing and injuring  communities,the youths of Okpanku community,have waged and equipped themselves from being harmed. The community elders quickly made laws that no party or lousy music be heard in the night to avoid distraction. Here,everyone is made to be on guard! As if this preventive measure is not enough,every night,the youths would always take turns to watch over their people and community all night long,and this has really been a shed and protection for Okpanku community against Fulani herdsmen attack.

Since Fulani herdsmen have resolved to continue attacking communities and taking their lives,the worst any community can do now,is to just continue hoping in government. Time has come for them to take prevent measures and prepare to defend themselves and their communities. The hour has come for self defense and it is now ( Never forget that God help those who help themselves)! Enough of this report of Fulani herdsmen with their herds mentality killing and taking the lives of innocent people who mean no harm to them. And yes,enough of this weakly attitude of  vibrant men and women,sitting and  watching strangers come into their territory, possess their properties and take their lives,and all they could just do is to raise alarm and shout that they have been killed!  This is arrant nonsense!!!

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