Monday, 14 August 2017

The dignity of womanhood lost? -

 A Chicago man takes a photo with his two pregnant girlfriends and they were so excited about it

Well,am so so happy to venture into the world of womanhood once again! They say women have lost their sense of pride and dignity,and I don't know how? What have they done to have lost  their dignity and pride?

The caption above says that a man takes a photo with his pregnant girlfriends and they smile and feel excited about it. Hmm,so the issue is that one man got two women pregnant and when he asked them to come take pictures with him together, they both agreed.  But wait,what should these two pregnant women have done? Each refusing to take a photo with the other woman? Why? Remember that these women as old as they are are just girlfriends to the Chicago man. None of them is married to him otherwise the story would have taken a different shape.

Let's say that one of the young women in the story is a wife and the other is a girlfriend. If the husband of one of the women asked his wife to come have a photo with his girlfriend,I would have then agreed that this is a shame of honor to his wife.  In fact,if the wife even agrees to be in the same roof with her husband's girlfriend,then,we would have again said that she has lost her right,pride and dignity as a lawful wedded wife.

The situation where two girlfriends hang to take a selfie with their boyfriend is not as shameful as when the two women make love with one man . The lost of dignity was already lost at the time love was made to the two women by just  one man. They have not only lost their dignity,but have sold their pride for money and riches! In fact they should be happy and smile more and more for having been accepted with their pregnancies,instead of being kicked out as some other men would  do.

So what is the issue of the dignity of womanhood being lost here? When shameless people or people who have lost their self worth are doing anything,the best thing to do is to over look their actions. It brings nothing but tears,pains,shock and disappointment to right ticking souls!! Until mad people see themselves and recognize that they are mad,shameless people will never feel the way others' do!!!

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