Saturday, 19 August 2017

The kind of human love we need: This is no lesbianism!

Photo: A Nigerian woman throws expensive wedding for her 

Because of much corrupt and immoral practices on earth today,when two men or women are seen being attracted to each other,or seen giving intimate hug,peck but not kisses,some people assume that they are lesbians or gay. Well,we have a similar picture here of a woman passionately giving a hug and what seemly looks like a kiss to a lady. Yes,they attract each other no doubt,but they are no lesbians in any sense.  You already know whom they are right?

The caption says in a sense: ''A woman throws a gorgeous, flashy and expensive wedding for her house help''!  isn't this more romantic than pure diamond? This is the kind of human love we need truly ! A madam,a woman,openly accepted a poor girl from no where to be her house help. The house help on the same hand openly acknowledges that she was no body and bent to do the lowliest job ever in order to survive. But now,her story has moved from just being a survivor,to becoming a successful woman in society.

How would a maid,a house help have ever believed that a day like this would come,when she would not only get married to her heartthrob, but would do so in a big way? Courtesy of her madam,a good woman,a love pace setter,who knows that what is good for the goose is also good for gander.

While some women will choose to abuse and make useless,the lives of their maids or house help,a woman has shown to be different. Instead of treating her maid like no body she was,Ada Ujaligwa made her house help,Ada Udenwa as her own beloved daughter. She made and created a person,a woman, to become a person to be admired in society!

This act is strange Ada Ujaligwa,you are such an amazing woman with a good,golden heart! God bless you surely, madam Ada Ujaligwa and your daughter,Ada,Udenwa!!!

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