Friday, 11 August 2017

The truth behind Ozubulu massacre that will shock you-

 Police PRO speaks on Ozubulu attack,suspects arrested

On Sunday 6th of August 2017,in the house of St Phillips Catholic Church in Ozubulu, Anambra state  Nigeria,gun fires  rained smoke and dust as it took the lives of not less than 50 worshipers in the church.  When the attack first happened,we had different stories pointing fingers on so called suspects and culprits. However,there came what seemed to be a reliable answer to the cause of the attack which surely was not,that the attack was  caused by a drug deal that went south between two drug barons that are from Anambra state but reside in South Africa. There on Channel television,a guest who also was the Public Relations Officer of police tells what shows to be the real truth! Let's have some interactions...people...

''We are working undercover to arrest persons within and outside Nigeria who are behind the Ozubulu massacre''-Police PRO Jimoh Moshood

''Sir,how can the police be working undercover at this time to arrest whoever was behind the massacre when your office had already told us the culprits,are drug drug barons? Are you now saying that you are not sure of your statement last week stating that the culprits are drug dealers? We see!''

"The update is that we have three suspects in detention and we have more leads to get to the perpetrators of this crime and very soon, Nigerians would see that we have succeeded in ensuring that we arrest the actual culprit in this crime. Very soon we are going to have a breakthrough. Those suspects that we have arrested are not just people that we picked on. These are people that have played one role or the other in committing that offense and we would get to the root of this. Investigation is ongoing around the church premises while the church has deemed it in their wisdom to use an alternative building around the church to conduct mass for the deceased. The IGP has sympathized with the government and people of Anambra state and has put in all the seriousness needed. Outside of that, we are working undercover to ensure everyone involved, including those who are not in Nigeria presently, are arrested and prosecuted" -Police PRO

''May we save ourselves some stress sir,the truth is this : the real culprit of Ozubulu attack was never any drug baron. You do not know them yet,and everyone is a suspect. My fear is that those people in your detention are innocent people who will end up paying a crime they never committed!''-


The drug dealers in question are Igbos,a people characterized by hard work. Igbos in their very nature detest blood shed not to talk of doing so in a holy place of God.

Of course you know who drug dealers are. They are more dangerous than danger,knowing where and how to find their defaulters! Coming to church and killing people in the name of getting their defaulter is absolutely a waste of time and embarrassment to their nature. It wasn't any drug dealer that caused the massacre in Ozubulu town,otherwise,getting the defaulter's parent or any blood relative would have been the easier way to track down their defaulter as it has always been their usual action .

The evil perpetrators are no other persons than the Boko Haram. The action was so obvious,taking their sequence and system of destruction into consideration. They are the only group of people on earth who enjoy shedding blood in mass quantities. Boko Haram go to places like church,mosque,markets,entertainment centers and the like and kill people in mass,and that was exactly what they did in Ozubulu in Anambra state Nigeria on the 6th of August,2017!!! This is our take for now! More evidence,still loading......

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