Tuesday, 15 August 2017

This is atrocity: Man cuts off his 7 year old daughter's finger and dumps her to die

Photo: Man cuts off his daughter's finger and dumps her to die

The Ogun state police command have arrested one Nasiru Adeyemo, and his wife, Idayat, for cutting off the index finger of his daughter ,born by his first wife, tying her up in a sack and dumping her by the roadside to die at Asabala area along Papalanto-Sagamu Road in the state on Sunday, August 13th.

That is the news from Ogun state police area command! Funny enough,the man and his second wife,who committed this atrocity were not caught at the time of this action,neither did any eyes see them as they were dumping the little girl. However,more funny it is that even their neighbors did not see or report this action to make the story very  real to us,but we in no way doubt that atrocities do happen!

Come to think of it : The news says in part that passer by saw the sack bag,and when they discovered it was a child in it  reported to police,who in turn came quickly to intervened and saw the girl writhing in pains. According to the news,it was after taking the girl to a state hospital for treatment that the 7 year  girl told her ordeal. Hmm.

Finally,the 7 year old girl took the police to her house,and the police arrested the man and his second wife for the atrocity they have committed.

Well,many philosophical minds would be asking by now how a seven year old girl can give so much account and information of what happened to her. Others like I would be wondering how someone,a father could tie up his daughter as old as seven years in a rice sack and no one saw or noticed it until he successfully dumped it on a road and left! This looks like African films but still never doubt it,things do happen in this world!


Separation and divorce do happen in marriage. However,it will be very unfair for mothers to part from their marriages,without their little children. Dear women and mothers,if you leave your kids in your ex home,who do you expect to take care of them for you? Your husband's better half? You lied! For your information,there is no love like that of a mother's! If you are leaving your husband's house,please leave with your children and if their father cares,let him visit them and share the custody of his children with you!

And to second wives of husbands,use your head even if your heart is wicked. If you think that misdirecting your husband to do away with his children or maltreat them simply because they are children of your rival woman,you are also ruining the future of your own belly. The more you maltreat innocent children,the more brighter like gold,you are making them to become tomorrow. They can never get fade by the flinch of your atrocity on them!!!

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