Sunday, 20 August 2017

Tips on how to keep your girl always wanting you

 Can you be this romantic?

You see,some people,in fact,a good number of men do not know how to be Mr. Romantic! Unfortunately,it takes romance to have the best of a woman in life. Gone are the days when fathers are headstrong,being so difficult to their wives. Gone too are the times when our women and mothers would have to cry and kill themselves to have the faces of their husbands instead of the other way round! This article is settled to give you tips or teach you how to be Mr. Romantic to your girl and tips on how to keep your girl always wanting you !


You don't necessarily have to do it like others do,or be like others in order to be romantic to you girl, (wife or girlfriend) making her to always want you. Everyone has his own style to wet his woman and always want her to have every reason to choose to be with him,no matter what. Here are some examples:

We have heard stories of how a man put an engagement ring in a cup of ice cream and gave his girl. As she was enjoying the ice cream,her mouth bit something that feels like stone. When she brought it out,low and behold,it was a golden ring and the man proposes to her. Wasn't that romantic?

Again,in getting the hand of Hilary Clinton,her husband Bill Clinton had to buy a beautiful house Hillary,his then girlfriend had always admired and said '' I can't live in this house alone,why not marry me so we can live in it together? Yes,Hilary accepted the proposal in front of the house,and got married to Clinton,the former American President.

One might say that Clinton wasn't that romantic,yes,but he knows how to wet and melt his woman! That is romantic!!

I have seen a man who never told his wife ''I love you''. This is because,how they became husband and wife was the making of their families. But a day came after about 18 years in their marriage,I saw the same man,bending down,buckling the sandals of his wife outside their home. Being romantic is an essential ingredient that makes marriage sweet,loved and admired!

Again,a woman who so much loves her husband right from time as if to she that she loves him more than he does once told me that when they were dating,she sent a love message complimentary card to her then fiance. After her wedding,and was brought to her husband's house,she went to dump some items inside a carton at the corner of their house. There,in that carton are those love cards she sent to her fiance dumped like trash. She felt bad and said ''My husband is not romantic at all, and I hate it!  This couple have been living for years,managing their love life.But did you know that ever since they got married,her husband has been the one choosing the color of her lipstick for her?  Most times buying them for his woman?? That is Mr.Romantic!!

In all we are saying: It is good and very essential to be romantic. Women are not iron you know? And that thing in between their legs which you caress almost every day to make yourself happy has to be pleased,before it is opened for you. To keep your wife or girl always thinking of having you,to make a woman love and want to be with you and for you,you MUST be ROMANTIC  and know the tips on how to keep your girl always wanting you in the best way you can!!!

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