Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Two Nigerian police officers killed themselves over bribe

PHOTO: Two police men died over a bribe

In Ondo state Nigeria,is the news of how a police officer shoots his superior and committed suicide by jumping into a deep well over #150 000 bride. The name of the officer who killed his superior was Inspector Abraham Arowogun,and the superior whom he killed was the Division Crime Officer DCO, Timothy Arueli. How did this happen that an inspector general  of police killed his superior who was the divisional crime officer? Do police people kill one another too? Is it not only thieves and armed robbers that police officers kill?

Okay,a case was brought to a police station in Ondo and as the inspector of police,Abraham Arowogun began investigating on the case. In the long run,he took a bribe of #150 000 from the plaintive. When his superior,Timothy Arueli got to know this,he asked the inspector to refund the money to the plaintive and this brought a spark of fire and argument between the two police officers in their station. What happened next?

The argument became so hurt that the inspector pulled the trigger and shot the DCO. On seeing that he had killed his superior,the inspector took to his heels and jumped into a well,where he committed suicide. That was how two police officers killed themselves over bribe!

This is painful right? Yea,but it is also more embarrassing. Two lives were lost because of money,#150,000! The issue is that people now commit crime with impunity. Bad things don't look bad in their eyes.The inspector should have been ashamed of himself on finding out that someone has known that he took bribe from a civilian,seeking peace and justice. If I were the inspector,I would have apologized to my superior and returned the money to the plaintive and even ask for forgiveness right? And yes,if i were the DCO,I wouldn't have used my head to break the coconut. I would have sent the report to my superior and overlook the inspector's action.But here,two police officers killed themselves over bribe.

You know,the bribe that police are taking started from #20. Later,they increased it to #50 and commercial drivers and okada riders must give them before they pass and even tell police ''thank you'' for collecting bribe from them. You see,we do not actual know how collecting and giving of bribe started,all we know is that bribe was given,and bribe was collected!

It could be that the plaintive who reported a case was the person that first offered bribe to the inspector to tell him how ready he was in the case,and to probably buy the heart of the inspector for himself. Whatever is the case,the inspector didn't try at all. He should have rejected the bribe,respecting his position as Inspector! For selling his right and insulting his position to a common civilian,Abraham,Arowogun killed his superior for condemning his action,and then committed suicide! You see how,two police officers killed themselves over bribe!!!

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