Monday, 28 August 2017

What a man loves in a woman...

A man showing what he loves in his woman

Every man,every woman must have something he or she loves in someone very special to them. I remember as a young girl in Lagos,a groom in one of the weddings I attended with my guardians was asked to tell his invitees what attracted him to his his bride. The groom on his wedding,says : ''Her nipples''. And that is it! What a man loves in a woman is that which no other eyes can see but his! What a man must love in you is that which will keep him to the end.

There are no doubt women who may not look fanciful or attractive in your eyes and probably in the eyes of many others. Then you would be wondering if any man on earth would ever approach them for anything marriage. In your state of wonders,while you are still in wondering zone of something that is not your business,you suddenly hear: ''That woman is getting married''. Yet,she is getting married,not just to a man who is managing or to any man who has nothing,but to a well to do man in society. What a man  loves in a woman is that,which no other man sees in you. What a man loves in a woman is that which keeps attracting him to you no matter what!

I have seen a man who said that what he loves about his wife are her dimples. Among all his then girlfriends,there was just one woman who has dimples that appear when she laughs. While other people are saying that dimples appear as a result of malfunction in the mouth,someone is there,dreaming to see a woman with dimples to marry. Yes,what a man  loves in a woman is that which is not commonly accepted by all. What a man loves in s woman is that which gives him the satisfaction he is looking for in a woman!

It is very pure and good for a man to see what he loves,what he desires to see in his woman before you accept his hands. Ask him what he sees in you. Is it what you see as unique that will last with you? If it is,you have won a heart desire that can be yours as long as you both shall live! What a man loves in a woman is that which must keep him lingering to you forever!!!

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