Saturday, 19 August 2017

Why are mothers uncomfortable seeing their married children in love actions?

  Photo: The facial expression of a woman whose son is kissing his wife on alter

I can really really understand my dear. And I can bet you,there is no African blood  who is born and acculturated in Africa,coming down to Nigeria,who will not feel same way too.

All at the weddings in Nigeria,if there is any moment one is seriously looking forward to,it is that moment when the pastor will say : ''You may kiss your pride'' . It is such a fear and tense rising moment in everyone's heart,including the newly wedded couple.

Are you surprised at the unbelievable look in the eyes and mouth of the Nigerian woman whose son is kissing his bride on the alter?  I know. Many of you born in Africa,Nigeria,with that decent and moral blood of yours would be uncomfortable with the action,especially as it is done in public right?

But should love expressions in words or in actions be said and done only in secret,dark places? How is one to know if you are in love with someone? Have can people like us generate any idea about what's happening in your marriage,home conditions? *wink*.

Okay,we can understand why on earth the woman in the picture was so alarmed on seeing her son kissing his wife on the alter. She never taught him how to kiss you know,neither has she ever discussed such topics with him. Who taught this boy how to kiss my God? So this boy has been doing this with this girl and I never knew? Does he watch porn? Has he ever seen me and his daddy doing it before? Hah,my fellow woman we can imagine what you feel inside,but don't worry,it is just natural to kiss the one you love! To me it is not bad to kiss,or is kissing bad????

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