Thursday, 17 August 2017

Why boom churches sacrifice human parts in church buildings -

Photo: A pastor who buried human bodies in his church,releasing 77 others.

If there is any religion that is as popular as no other in the world,it is Christianity. Everything about it makes it louder than any other religion. In Christianity there are different beliefs,and doctrines. It is in the umbrella of Christianity that people in one domination will not fellowship with others in another domination. It is in the hood of Christianity that miracles of various types and kinds are performed that one begins to wonder whether it is coming from God or not! Why do boom churches sacrifice human  parts in church buildings?

In 2003,the news from news-line Nigeria shows a report of a pastor,who was caught by a resident in a neighboring community burying a little baby underground a church building. The eye witness who saw the abomination quickly reported to Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) which rapidly responded and interrogated the pastor. The pastor of the church,one Mrs. somebody,at first denied she did such a terrible thing until she was forced to open the ground where the eyewitness was pointing at. You know what the eyes saw? The dead body of a little child!

In the police custody,the pastor confessed that the reason for burying a human part in her church building was to have countless members,coming to her church. The herbalist,who practices spiritism assured her that if she wanted people to stream in her church like they do in other churches,she must bury a baby underground her church building as well.

Why boom churches sacrifice human parts in church today is now very clear to us. In order to boom and have as many members as the sand of the sea,they selfishly do so. For those who read the Scriptures,you may have remembered where Jesus says that many will in that day say to him: ''Lord,Lord,did we not perform miracles in your name? Expel demons in your name?'' Then he will say to them in that day : Get away from me,you workers of lawlessness!!!

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