Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Why don't girls ever agree they are still single and searching?

I am still single and searching says Arise o Nigeria Ambassador 

Well,I wouldn't say everywhere in the world,but in some places around the world,girls who are not even engaged or married  are fond of denying the fact that they are still single but searching. What is this about being single? Is anything wrong if one is still single and not yet married? Are the single ladies who have the intention of getting married not supposed to be searching after all? Why don't girls ever agree that they are still single and searching??

Life we all know is in stages. There is time for everything the good book tells us. Our African adage also says that ''Breadfruit falls only when it is ripe'' and this shows that everything has its own time to take place and manifest.  That your friend or younger sisters are getting married before you doesn't mean that there is something wrong with you. It simply means that your time has not yet arrived.  Patience is the only requirement for you at this time of your singleness to meet your soulmate! Then,that means you are still single and searching!

If you are still single,and everyone around you knows,fine,it is okay! What is there in saying what people have already know? Anyone who knows you are not married definitely knows that you are searching and earnestly praying to find a suitor for marriage except,you have vowed to remain single for God. So,why are you hiding what is obviously known my sister?

The worst of this denial is that those who claim they are single but not searching will always be for a year,two years and more,without any man in their life. Then you begin to wonder why on earth someone  who says she is not searching still remains single,envying those going to the aisle.

To say that you are single but not searching my dear, simply means that you '' You are still single because,you are not married yet,and not searching because,you already have someone in your life with whom you are in serious relationship!  So,why don't girls ever agree they are still single and searching???

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