Thursday, 10 August 2017

Why faking NYSC is a big nonsense -

Please don't get us wrong when we say that faking NYSC is a big nonsense and of course,if you are such a good person with high moral standard,wanting the good of people in general,you should also agree with us that faking NYSC is a big nonsense!

How could someone put on NYSC uniform when he is not a corps member?  We are not saying that he Mr. Justice in the above picture doesn't deserve to be a corps member,no,but that he really has to work for it. Read more: 5 things that can cause hatred

The truth is that,the intent of over 90% of people who are corps members is not actually that they want to serve their father land. The interest lies in the uniform itself! They want to look like soldiers when they know they are not,they want people,on lookers to see them in the uniform and call them corper shun!

However,over 95% of corps members want to go for National Youths Service Corps( NYSC) because they want to leave home and explore life independently of their parents and families. Yes,they fail to see the provision of National Youths Service Corps as a provision to serve humanity,integrate with people of different tribes and culture and show love and unity to one another. Not many people who go for service see National service as a reward for  their academic hard labor!

Everything in  life has alternatives so is NYSC.We know there are people who cannot meet up and serve because of their age,and so they are given exemption letters which stands the place of NYSC in labor market. See why faking NYSC certificate is nonsense?? Read more: Consequences of Deception on our young men, ladies and others

What is this about NYSC that everyone wants to be part of it anyway?  To be honest with you,there are many of us who never get frisked with NYSC. What matters most to our kind is the high institution certificate that can give us good jobs. As long as one has exemption letter, he can never be denied any good job that his high institution certificate should give him. Aren't there more reasons why faking NYSC certificate is a big nonsense? Your opinions matter such much in this case!!!

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