Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Why relationship experts also get divorce?

 Once some love birds and a relationship expert,Blessing 
Nwosu and husband,getting divorced

Yes we can understand how surprised you might be to hear that certain relationship experts also file and get divorced. Most times when couples are in trouble,they usually look onto reltionship experts and counselors for solutions. Even before some lovers go to alter,they would have consulted relationship experts to be sure they are doing the right thing. So,why do relationship experts also get divorce?

The question of why relationship experts  also get divorce is like asking the reasons why Doctors can also get sick. Aren't they humans?? A friend of mine in his opinion says that any relationship expert who divorces  his or her partner is one who does not apply the same antidotes given to others. But I differ with him.

There is no person in marriage that does not want to have a happy home except he or she doesn't want marriage at all with his or her partner. Yes,you can trust that marriage counselors or experts are the last persons that will pretend to love someone they don't,all for them to get married!

So,the question for the day: Why would Amarachi,Nwosu,a long standing relationship expert,a woman whose job is to advice people on how to be on a healthy,working relationship ever have unsolvable problems in her marriage?  How would a woman who knows her onion be like one without any?

Well,the truth is that there are problems that humans can never solve no matter who they are. Remember that Amara is the relationship expert,and not her husband. It could be that this wonderful woman would have done everything possible to keep her marriage in shape knowing what credit she will lose if she ,loses her marriage. The man,her husband,must have been the utmost reason why Amarachi's marriage crashes!! It could be again that the problem in her marriage was one beyond her take as a human.

When you have someone in marriage whose behavior and conduct is unmanageable and it gets to your nerves,you would know and understand the simple reason,why Amara,a relationship expert divorced her husband!!!

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