Monday, 7 August 2017

Why there are no excuses for committing crimes-

Picture of a man who blames his father for robbery

He blames his father for his robbery career. Can u imagine that? His name is Ayobami Adedejis. He is 23 years,a thief,a pick pocket,a bag snatcher and now,an armed robber. Very interesting,isn't it? Yes,that was the story of a young man who chose to become a criminal and how he built it up as a career.

Let's take these points one after the other. The young man began his choosing career as a thief who sneaks into his neighbor's house and steals one item or the other. Then came a time in his life when he graduated from neighboring thievery to picking pockets on the roads and streets. Finally,the young Ayobami Adedeji is now a hardened high criminal who robs with AK-47. In what way is Ayobami's father to blame for his son's actions?

First,Ayobami Adedeji says that his father abandoned him after the death of his mother. We now ask: Was Ayobami the only abandoned child in the universe beautiful people?

Looking at the story of this young thief and robber,he has such high sense of manipulating ideas,making them to yield perfect fruits! If Ayobami should blame his father who gave birth to him for stealing,would he not also blame God for giving him wisdom and knowledge??

Dear Mr. Ayobami,you are very stupid for cursing the man who caused your birth! Who told you that the right and next step if one is being abandoned by his parent is to take up arms? In case you don't know Mr.Ayobami,we have a good number of people who were not only abandoned by their parents,but who also painfully lost them,and were later taken to live with one uncle or the other,raped and again abandoned to their very fate. Yes,they never thought of taking any arms to rob or steal. They put their wisdom and knowledge into good use,gradually picked up themselves and made history.

Ayobami,when you first picked from someone's pocket,was it your father that instructed you to do so? Yes he never did! It was all your idea to fabricate stealing strategies and execute them.

Like the scripture says : When under trial,let no one say,''I am being tried by God''. Therefore we say to you Mr.Ayobami,whenever you steal and are caught,do not ever say '' My father is to be blamed for this''! A thought such as this, springs from the mouth of the wicked one,and that is what you are,Ayobami Adedeji!!!

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