Monday, 21 August 2017

You Don't Believe In Marriage Anymore?

 Photo: Marriage no longer interest me: Toyin Lawani

When one has not entered the hood of marriage,it looks as if she is the most unfortunate person on earth. Every weekend they attend weddings of their friends',but theirs are not coming in sight! What is happening? You don't believe in marriage anymore?

Again,every now and then,we have reports and reports of divorce from east,west and south. What is happening? It is the news of lovers,those marriages that you attended,crashing,with no one interested in repairing it. So down it crashed that the center cannot hold anymore!

Some people do not believe in marriage anymore. These are not just those whose first,second or even third marriages have failed,but the single ones who are not yet married. What can even make a strong bond of love tear apart and collapse? What can make two people whose hearts beat as one to say they are fed up with each other? What can make couples who already have children in their marriage,children who should make their bond of marriage stronger ever fall? Well,what ever thing it is,we know that it must be something that is very strong ! Something that looks very almost impossible to solve,and accept. You don't believe in marriage anymore?

Let us not feel that marriage is no longer interesting,no! A lot of people who say that they don't believe in marriage anymore are people who did not leap well before they jumped in to marriage. There are people who enter marriage because of deceit,there are also those who enter this institution called marriage because they want to impress someone. these are people,who don't believe in marriage anymore.

Marriage institution is like high institutions of learning. If one does not prepare well,and have good and solid plan about his education,not only will such get fed up in school,but will also give up his learning on the way. This doesn't mean that people do not believe in education anymore.  It simply means that he fails because he did not prepare himself well,to succeed!

Marriage is good,and a very sweet one at that! Only when one is ready for it and have prepared oneself to survive and succeed!!!

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