Tuesday, 22 August 2017

You teach your woman to cheat when you impress her with roses

 Photo: Men,stop fueling cars you know you
will never drive : Monikmotivational

When boys see pretty girls,they begin to lie or even steal from their parents to impress their girls. Then girls on the other hand,would choose to be foolish and be deceived. Don't you think: How on earth do the boys,boy,get the money they spend on buying you roses? Do they look to you like they are rivers that never dry out of water? Even when they are not working to earn money?

Let's come down to men. You see,the truth is that when men see ladies they are attracted to,they begin to misbehave. There are many of you who are not really buoyant but you want to prove to your woman that you are rich always. You want to assure her that as long as it is something money can buy,you will deliver. All because you love her appearance and you want her to be your wife? Read more: Flashy women bad choice of marriage?

The truth is this brother: ''Any girl married because of her appearance,any woman you get home as a wife who was trapped in with material impression is not your wife,and cannot stay as one!  You teach your woman to cheat when you impress her with roses''.

A friend,Hushpuppi gives a brotherly advice to men:

Brothers and uncles,how can you get broke because you are trying to impress one girl you know is not worth it?  Why should you fuel a car you know you will never drive? Fueling it  for someone else? Wake up!!

Wife materials are not trapped with gifts or impressions. They are won with inner possessions and qualities. A woman who loves you the way you are is your wife! She is the one who will be in both good times and in bad times. In sickness and in health,in riches and in poverty! Men,you teach your woman to cheat when you impress her with roses!!!

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