Friday, 1 September 2017

A lady killed herself and her fiancee for ending their relationship?

 You don't have to kill yourself if he leaves!

 Oh no,this is so pathetic! A lady killed herself and her fiancee for ending their relationship? Why would she do that? Why would a woman end her life because a man,her boyfriend ended their relationship?  Why do some girls do this? Must they retaliate for whatever disappointment they feel?

Well, I choose not to know who this lady who killed herself and her fiancee was,what I care to do is to talk about this arrant nonsense! For crying out,let anyone who wants to leave your life leave! Let him go! Who is he? He is just a human! A specie with flesh and blood! Is this the kind of person you really want to die for?  Someone who does no longer care about how you feel? You feel so much for him that you want to kill yourself? What is wrong with you? This is a  man am sure who will not die for you or give up his life for you to live. Yet,you want to kill yourself because of him. A lady killed herself and her fiancee for ending their relationship?

 No breakup is sweet especially when one of the parties is enjoying it.The only person who loses is the one who gives or commits more in the relationship because of the resources being wasted,but yes,this is the person who even although has lost a relationship is happy because he or she is a builder and a pillar. Why should someone kill herself because her boyfriend ended their relationship? Is this love? Love endures all things,but here,she even had to kill the one she says she loves.

No essential lady or woman will cry for losing a mere relationship because she is an asset! Only a liability does that!

However,who told you that you are lost or gone if he ends your relationship with you? Girls wake up! Clean up yourself and be strong enough for your man to catch his eyes on you! Whoever that leaves is not your husband. Leave him,he is not your own!

What joy do you derive when you are managing,and pretending you have a man when your heart really tells you that you don't? When your nose can smell and your eyes can tell you the fact? My dear ladies,stop pretense,it is falsehood!

Real ladies leave any relationship that does not give them joy,hope,and satisfaction. You should rather be glad that he leaves,because he doesn't love you! He just has to leave. But look at it,a lady killed her self and her fiancee for ending their relationship!!!

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