Tuesday, 12 September 2017

''Anyone can get married but not everyone can stay married''- Beverly Naya

''Anyone can get married but not everyone can stay married'-Beverly Naya

Not only does actress Beverly Naya insist that ''anyone can get married,but not everyone can stay married I also agree with her,but will never share or side her view point on this matter! In her view on some marriages
lasting longer than others or succeeding where others fail,Naya says that rather than asking God for marriage mate,ask him for wisdom and knowledge to find the right person. We now ask: Does God give awkwardness? Something that is not good? Is it not something good that he gives? Is God not the one who opens his hands to satisfy the desire of every living thing says the good book?

''Don't pray for God to give you a husband/wife.'' What is  Beverly Naya insinuating? If one prays to God for a good husband/wife will God give him/her a bad one in turn? In saying that one should ask God for wisdom and discernment to be able to find the right person is saying that humans can rather make better choices in marriage than what God can give. It is saying that humans can find better mates by themselves than what God can give should they ask him to. Hmm,Beverly!

This is a wrong insinuation. I tell you today: Ask God to give you your heart desire and ask him too to give you the knowledge,wisdom and understanding to follow your mate! ''In all your ways,take notice of Him (God) and He Himself will make your path straight'' says the good book the Bible!!!

Yes,anyone can get married,but not everyone can stay married! I believe. I agree,because,marriage requires more patience and endurance than relationship does!!You need more than love to build and stay in marriage!!!