Friday, 8 September 2017

ASUU soon to end strike. See their latest resolve with the federal government

ASUU strike soon to end! When?

I am sure all the undergraduates are now happy right? You remember what happened on 14th of August? It was the darkest and almost the saddest moment of
their lives. It was the day Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU )officially took on strike. As usual,while some are weeping,others are jubilating over the action.

Recall again that one time during the strike,ASUU failed to attend a meeting with the federal government to resolve the strike action right? Yes,this time,ASUU has not only obediently and respectfully had a meeting with federal government,but has also agreed to the offer made to them by the government.

Sounding interesting to the those willing to go back to school and to those whose examinations are still pending. But awsh,sorry to those who are not yet ready to be back to school for reasons best known to them.

When is ASUU ending this strike? Today? Tomorrow? When? ASUU soon to end strike. See their latest resolve with the federal government: The union says they have accepted the federal government’s offer and would take the offer to their members who would decide whether or not the offer is generally accepted and then decide on when to call off the strike action. The union says it would get back to the Federal government on its decision in a week's time. So,will ASUU end the strike in a week time? Here is what the Minister of Education Adamu Adamu says: ''ASUU’s demands have been addressed and the union will get back to the government in a week after consulting with their members.''

So everything now bothers on the members of ASUU union to decide whether they will end the strike in a week time or not. But definitely,not next week,as ASUU will first give a feedback to federal government next week,stating in their feedback,when the strike will be called off! But don't worry,you will soon go back to school okay?  The journey to end the strike has begun,and they can't drop the pen until there is a full stop to it!!!

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