Thursday, 7 September 2017

Ladies,can you declare your participation in search for a husband,giving your requirement?

Becky Enyioma,looking for a husband with special qualities.

Okay o,a beautiful lady goes in search of a husband,yes,she has woken up and realized that she really needs a man,a husband in her life. So she took on her social media page,announces it,and gives the requirement for any man to be husband. Now we are asking: Is this a reasonable thing to do? Should a woman give requirement of what she needs in her man?

Is there any woman without heart desires we ask? Definitely no! I haven't seen! Everyone has some special or peculiar needs when it comes to marriage issue. Some would want a tall,black and slim fit guys,while others would rather prefer short,fair,and religious figures. These are some needs for anyone born of a woman to become a wife of somebody.

If this is the case,why would some ladies pretend that whoever comes to them is okay,as far he is a man when inside them they truly desire for some qualities? They are the most stupid of their kind you may say right? Yes,I agree. For lying to themselves,they are!

Ladies who pretend that they don't have requirement in their guys while dating end up making troubles in their marriages. Yes,those things which they desire in their men would soon begin to manifest in them sooner than later. If absent in their husbands,they begin to go out,after men with such heart desiring possessions.

My dear lady,stop all that pretense and tell your man what kind of life style and principles you live and would want to see in your man!  This requirement and demand tightens the union of love in marriage!

Back to the beautiful lady on the onset who took to her page and announced ''Husband wanted'',here are her bold requirements:

''It's official. Preferably Igbo cause no energy to break cultural barriers. Must be tall. I can't deal with short guys and their complex issues...soryee. Age between 40 and 45. I don't need boys claiming to be men. Real men or get smacked down! Must be working. Have his own. No baby mama dramas cause I can't deal. No born again fakeness either. I booze now and again and dude has to booze with me. Lol. Should be a once-a-month night out. Dinning out now and again. Loves to travel. Loves to read. Loves cars. I don't need any guy with brain the size of a tennis ball cause he'll get electrocuted before he comes ten yards close. Signing off. Baba Jah noni.''

Good gal! And I am sure that when she finds that man,she will be happily married,and live with him,until the moon is no more!!!

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