Wednesday, 6 September 2017

''Do not take family members to pastors if they have health challenges.''- OAP Freeze

 ''If you have any mental problems,kindly seek 
the help of  a  qualified Psychiatrist''- OAP Freeze

Thank you,OAP Freeze for this timely advice! God bless you for us.

Honestly,I do not understand why on earth somebody would be sick and instead of taking him or her to a hospital for medical treatment,the patient will be taken to a pastor. Why? Is a pastor a doctor? Is church a hospital? Why would some people not put their senses into good use because they go to church? Excuse me! Read more: ''My biggest problem with today's preaching is that it doesn't prepare people for pain''-American gospel musician, Kirk Franklin

And for the pastors that do the work of medical doctors,why would you not tell your members that you are not a doctor? Why would you not give Caesar's things to Caesar and God's things to God? Okay,what I mean is this:

A man in Kogi state Nigeria has some mental issues. The family members decided to take him to their pastor instead of taking such mental suffering patient to a psychiatric hospital,where there are medical experts to cure his illness. Getting to the patient,the pastor got beaten by him terribly as someone suffering from a mental illness. ''Do not take your family members to pastors if they have health challenges''. Whom would you blame for this action? The mental derailed patient? Definitely no,but the family members and the pastor himself.

Is mental illness spiritual illness? ''Give Caesar's things to Caesar,and God's things to God'' says the good book. This is one mistake people make and have destroyed the lives of their family members and children. Taking your family members to hospital for treatment does not mean you lack faith in God. It simply means that you are reasonable using the right alternative,to solve problems. Doctors,unlike pastors are excellent and honest people. If they cannot treat certain illness,they would humbly tell you to seek another alternative. But pastors? They would rather put their God to test as if he is incapable! ''Do not take your family members to pastors if they have health challenges because,most times,these pastors aren't qualified to attend to people with these problems and tends to complicate ailments!!!''-says OAP Freeze.

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