Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Fulani suitor flogged to death by a competitor over a bride to be

 Photo: A suitor flogged his co competitor to death in Katsina state

Okay fine,this is the story. You know there are traditions that say ''If a man wants to marry any lady in our land,he has to be beaten by another suitor and competitor.Whoever that wins,marries the woman''. So a Fulani suitor flogged to death by a competitor,over a bride to be. The name of the suitors are Yari Inusa,and Ahmed Saidu,and the name of the bride to be to whoever would be the winner is Sharo.

Yes,the incident recently occurred at Durmin Biri village, in the Kafur Local Government Area of Katsina State. Ahmed Saidu,beat Yari Inusa beyond expectations. The rule says that the competitors should only beat each other only in the back,but Ahmed Saidu went beyond that,heating Yari Inusa on his head. Yes,he hits him so hard that Yari  Inusa sustained injuries in his head,collapsed and died in the process.

Confirming the incident, the Katsina State Police Command spokesman, DSP Gambo Isah said: “Inusa’s father, Mallam, reported the incident to the police, leading to the arrest of Saidu.”

According to him, Inusa’s corpse had been released to the family and buried according to Islamic rites. Fulani suitor flogged to death by a competitor to death by a competitor over a bride to be .

But what kind of tradition would be putting a husband to be of their daughters to risk? What if the man that the lady loves is the one that loses? What would she do? How would she live up with the man in the house who is not her choice? Do the traditions that allow this custom put all of these questions into consideration?

There are rather many other ways that a man's strength and ability can be tested rather than being beaten in order to see if he will be able to stand the test of time! Must you subject this man to ridicule? Shame and embarrassment? Now that Mr. Yari  Inusa is dead,will Mr. Ahmed Saidu still marry Sharo?

A lot of traditions really need to visit their rites and custom,not putting the lives of their indigenes to risk! A Fulani suitor flogged to death by a competitor over a bride to be. what's the meaning of that???


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