Thursday, 7 September 2017

'' He raped me and my mother for over over 6 years,he abused numerous partners physically and sexually'' says a 31 year old man who recounts his experience with his father when he was a child.

He repeatedly raped his son, wife and 18 other women-  over 900 times.

Who is this man who has been rated as the worst rapist so far? He is a father,a husband and a brother and friend. His name is Brian McTaggart. The  victims he raped were his closest-son,and wife. This irritating action has made his own son,David,to call him a monster,and a man worse than Lucifer. '' He raped me and my mother for over 6 years,he abused numerous partners physically and sexually''. This is just one part of the story. Here are more reports on that:

The beast attacked and raped his ex-wife,(recounts his son David) Kathleren McMurchie up to three times a week during their 10 year marriage.  “He raped me two or three times a week over six years. He also raped me shortly after I had given birth.” (Kathleren McMurchie) said.

If we go on with the statistics of how many people Brian McTarget had raped both men and women,boys and girls in his entire life which is more than 900 times we would achieve nothing at the end of the day.

The number of times rape takes place does not matter to us. It has never been any issue to boil down with! The hit borders on the victims themselves. For God's sake,for the sake of flesh and blood, why would a human be raped once,and give it a second chance? When the count gets down to 6 years of experience of rape,were the victims actually thinking they would get a bit of pity from us? Yes they may,but they would always pay for their foolishness and stupidity of keeping silence! They allowed themselves to be raped that much except they were under spell,and so the man succeeded!

''David, of Blackpool, is battling an eating disorder in the wake of the trauma.He suffered injuries aged 12 to 18 after his father rained blows on his head and stabbed his fingers into his eyes'' says the report. You see the point? For allowing injurious act for a long time,there would always be some bad, serious effects. And just listen to the last report which brought every thing to closure:

“It’s only through the bravery of his many victims and witnesses in coming forward and disclosing the many offences he committed that he’s been convicted." She said. That is it! This means that if the matter were reported the first time it happened,there might not have been a second chance of anyone,becoming a victim of rape and domestic violence from Brian McTaggart!!

Do not cover evil,no matter who is involved and where it is coming from! Always remember that a problem shared is a problem half solve!!!

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