Wednesday, 13 September 2017

'' Here are reasons,actresses don't talk about their sexual harassment experiences''- Monalisa Chinda

Often time,we hear that before someone could become an actress,some film producers and directors get down in bed with such ones seeking opportunities to act or be enrolled in films. Surely,this is unfair and heartbreaking that the only way to
lighten the feelings is to talk about it with friends and people.

Unfortunately,not even one among actresses who have been slept with and have been s*xually violated by film directors and producers have disclosed their ordeal and painful experiences. They most times shy away,and choose to live with the pains that come with s*xual abuse.

Here,one of the seasoned actresses in Nollywood industry,Monalisa Chinda tells the reasons why actresses and women in general who have been s*xually abused cannot open up:

“It’s a bit uncomfortable for someone to come out and say I was cornered to sleep with a producer because of a role,” “They keep quiet about it because of their careers. Apart from that, the society stigmatizes these women. So you just swallow your pride. 

You see the point?One,women who have been s*xually abused wouldn't want to open up in order to get the role they are looking for,and in order to keep their careers. Again,these women would rather keep quiet because,out there in society, s*xually abused women are usually victimized.

 ''When you are outside the shores of Africa, women are heroes for coming out to speak about sexual abuse, but not here.” Monalisa added.

If there is any reason why men take advantages of women they tend to offer any opportunities to,violating them s*xually,it is the society itself. Any woman who falls victim of rape is usually regarded as an whore,and thereafter seen as rotten,stinky being,rather helping and encouraging them to fight their fight and come out fit  again!!!

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