Friday, 1 September 2017

How societal men celebrate their marriage anniversary

 A husband tattoos his wife's face in his body to
celebrate their marriage anniversary

Wow! Things are really getting wider and huger these days! There is nothing men,I mean devoted husbands can't do to prove their long lasting love to their wives. A man, a hubby really sat down,and took many pains to tattoo the face of his wife in his body? Man,you are a pain taker!

Let's not  get it wrong or over exaggerated. Let no one even envy his wife because,there may be more to the story than the eyes can see. You know what tattoo is? You sure know that it is very painful and excruciating before it is penned in the skin? That was what this man,the man in the picture has had to endure. hmm,how societal men celebrate their marriage anniversary.

By enduring such pains to have the face of his wife in his body,the man is telling us how far the journey of his love has been and how far it has taken him. Yes,it has taken him to the point of having to see pains and doesn't feel it any more.

But well sha,I think I love this man. I love him because,no matter what it takes,,he still sticks to his lovely wife in pains and in laughter moment. But is this how societal men celebrate their marriage anniversary?

I thought normally,during any marriage anniversary,couples come together with their invited guests and tell their love stories,telling us what has kept them in their marriages for years,and how they have stooped to conquer. But what do we have now? Men,women,tattooing their girlfriends',boyfriends' and couples' faces in their skins for lookers to see very well.

Can you tattoo you fiancee's or your wife's face in your body just to prove love? Just because,it is how societal men celebrate their marriage anniversary???

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