Tuesday, 12 September 2017

"I know something about what it takes to move a president and I thought I was going to win."- Hillary Clinton

The former U.S first lady,the former secretary of state U.S,the wing flier of the Democrat USA,Hillary Clinton, told Jane Pauley during an appearance on CBS that she was sure that she would win the US election which was finally won by Donald Trump. 

The former first lady of the United states of America not only says that she knows
something about what it takes to move a president,but she was also certain she would win. It was this certainty that made the woman Champion, Hillary Clinton,the boldest face of all women faces in the world to buy a home in her New York neighborhood for $1.6millio. Her intention for this in case you want to know is to give a place for secret service after becoming the president.

In her memoir where she wrote her sojourn in politics and election where she lost to Donald Trump,Hillary Clinton 

In the memoir where she wrote about her journey so far in politics,Hillary Clinton,the Democratic hopeful said of her prospects in the 2016 race: "I started the campaign knowing that I was going to have to work extra hard to make women and men feel comfortable with the idea of a woman president.''

"It doesn't fit into the stereotype we all carry around in our head. And a lot of the sexism and misogyny was in service of these attitudes like: 'We really don't want a woman commander and chief.'"

Hillary Clinton is a super woman! Even in her defeat,she said among other things: ''Today.I offer myself to Donald Trump''. '' He is my president,and I am grateful to America and the people of America for making me the person I am today,-Women Champion!''

If there is another thing  so admired about this gorgeous,beauty and brain personalty,it is the fact that she sincerely accepts situations she cannot change. Hillary Clinton puts in her best in the election,with all certainty she would make it,on failing,this beautiful character came on stage,stationed herself,and address the people of America saying: ''I am sorry we didn't win,yes,am sure this is not the result we all were waiting for. It's painful and I know that this is gonna last for a long time''. She even moved on to encourage Americans,to support Donald Trump,their president and encourage young women to pick up from where she stopped!!.

 Concerning further contesting in election,Hillary said during the interview with CBS that she will not be seeking elected office again."As an active politician, it's over," Hillary told Pauley. "I am done with being a candidate!!!" 

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