Tuesday, 12 September 2017

IPOB's Lion Squad on the move to protect Nnamdi Kanu

 Biafra Lion Squad on the move to protect
 the IPOB leader-Nnamdi Kanu

Sure you have been following our updates so far with the issues going on with IPOB and their leader Nnamdi Kanu. You know,  as soon as
Nigerian president,Muhamadu Buhari returns Nigeria from his 3 months sick leave in London,the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra,Prince Nnamdi Kanu stated that the person we see on our Television is not Mr. President,Muhamadu  Buhari,but someone else,figured in his image.Read the details here:  ''The man you are looking at on Television is not Buhari,he is a Sudanese national who had undergone surgery in order to look like Buhari''
 Soon after this statement,Nigeria government begin a plot to re-arrest him and of course,the IPOB leader,Nnamdi kanu raised alarm to his members,and gave threat to life to whoever that will come for his re-arrest. The father of the IPOB leader was summoned and asked to advise his son,Prince Nnamdi Kanu to withdraw from Biafra movement,but what he says will surprise you.Read the details here: "There is no way I will advise my son to forget the agitation for Biafra'' says the father of the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu to the federal government.  

Then,the next action of the federal government of Nigeria was to attack the IPOB leader in his home,leaving 3 people dead. To see the reaction of the military,read here in full: Nigerian Army denies attacking the IPOB leader,Nnamdi Kanu in his home,leaving 3 persons dead.

At the end of the day,we didn't know what to take or what to believe. The only person who could tell us whether the attack was true on not was the IPOB leader himself.To know his intake on the matter,read here: Did Nigerian army REALLY attack Nnamdi Kanu in his home? The IPOB leader,finally reveals the truth!!

 Not too long after all this incidence,members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB,formed a strong security force they call Biafra Lion Squad,to protect their leader,Prince Nnamdi Kanu against any further attack !
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