Wednesday, 6 September 2017

'' Men who treat their wives badly,do not know they lock the heavens over themselves'' says the gospel singer and pastor Nathaniel. See the reasons:

''Husbands please love your wives.'' Gospel singer Nathaniel

The coming together of a man and a woman,people from entirely different backgrounds and family histories is not an easy thing to do. To make it a home and a family,God,the originator of marriage makes marriage,an institution,where the husband is the head of his wife,while loving his wife in order to gain her respect applies. A lot of families have had issues due to not applying the set  principles for the smooth running of a family. What are some of these principles? How should husbands and wives treat each other? Here in this article are the opinions of the gospel singer and pastor,whose name is Nathaniel!

Talking on domestic violence in message addressed to both men and women,husbands and wives,the gospel singer,Nathaniel boils it down this time on the couple. Here are his full address on how both husband and wife should treat each other:

Speaking to husbands first who are heads of their families and who think that beating up their wives or maltreating them is a way to exercise headship, the gospel singer says: ''Men who treat their wives badly don't know they lock the heavens over themselves. And if you think I'm just speaking, then go check out what Peter says about this.'' Hmm,we know that it is a very bad thing to beat or maltreat ones wife. But pastor is not sure of his sentence that ''men who maltreat their wives lock the heaven over themselves''. Which peter should we check? You need to give us some quotations sir.

Talking about his own personal experience on how he treats his wife,he says: ''Personally I've found out in my own life, every time I Bless my wife, I get blessed. Husbands please love your wives. Believe me I understand our wives can be soooo "wonderful" sometimes. But you see, Grace is available.''

And Sisters that dishonor and talk down at their husbands, don't understand that they shut the door of Favour to themselves. Making the home unconducive for the man, and setting the stage for strangers in the home. If you doubt me, see what Proverbs says about living with a contentious woman.
I know some men can be annoying as well, but with prayer, honour and trust in God, even the vilest of men can become a saint.''

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