Saturday, 2 September 2017

Mr. Njoku killed his fiancee,ran to his room and committed suicide!

Photo: The lady killed by her fiancee

Do you know Mr Njoku here? Okay,he was the fiancee to one Miss Cynthia Nwafia who lived at no.25 Amechi street,Abakaliki,the Ebonyi state capital. What happened that Mr Njoku killed his fiancee,ran to his room and committed suicide?

Alright,you know there are different kinds of men on earth right? There are those who are hot tempered,and those who are mild tempered. We also have men who are so jealous and others who do not care about who touch their women or not. Yet there are men who are very very unreasonable,that in any little suspicion,they begin throwing on their women. Mr Njoku was one of such men. Mr Njoku killed his fiancee,ran to his room and committed suicide!

No one would believe it if the story was not properly investigated by police in Abakaliki command that the only reason why Mr Njoku killed his fiancee was because he suspected that Cynthia Nwafia was cheating on him. Mr Njoku did not see or catch his fiancee with any man no,but was only living in suspense. What if he had caught her red handed? What would he have done to her?

The truth is ''jealousy is good!'' But too much of it is very very bad! Just look at what jealousy has made Mr Njoku to become: A murderer,and a suicide committer! This was a lady in her 25 years old,who had been dating Mr Njoku for years. Only to be murder in cold blood with the kitchen knife she was using to cook in his kitchen (Mr Njoku's) at the time of the tragedy.

Girls and ladies,why would you be leaving with a man who is not yet your husband? Why would you even tolerate a life threatening situation from a man you call your fiancee? If only Cynthia had known,she would have said no to him on discovering his temperament. If she were wise enough,she would have restricted herself from his house at least until she is finally married to him! Then he,Mr Njoku would have seen her as his own body. Am not sure that Mr Njoku would have killed his fiancee,ran to his room and committed suicide like he had done!!!

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