Friday, 1 September 2017

Nnamdi Kanu's messgae to people of Biafra

''These are the people that sent me,I didn't send myself'' Nnamdi Kanu
Since the coming of Prince Nnamdi Kanu into Biafra movement,there has been an awakening in people's consciousness about their right. Yes everyone knows there is freedom of movement and expression,but not everyone know how to use it. On the same hand,not everyone in Nigeria and that is a Nigerian knew that there was a country called Biafra before Nigeria came into existence in 1914. Courtesy of Prince Nnamdi Kanu,who in his wisdom has taken out time to educate and enlighten his indigenous people on their historical background in times past before the Biafra civil war.

The movement of the indigenous people of Biafra  IPOB has given Nigeria,enough tough situation to deal with. She wouldn't just let Biafra re exist,and Prince Nnamdi Kanu wouldn't give up either.This is  Nnaamdi Kanu's message to Biafra! ''There is no going back!

If there is any demand the IPOB leader is asking Nigerian government,it is nothing but referendum. What is it? The simple political system to give citizens the opportunity to choose and say for themselves what they want,either Biafra government or Nigeria!  The IPOB leader,Prince Nnamdi Kanu has stated that there will not be any election in the all south east Nigeria,if there is no referendum. Yes,on 31st day of August 2017,the south east governors had a meeting with the IPOB leader and Nnamdi Kanu's message to people of Biafra still stands!  '' There will be no election in any South East region,if there is no referendum''!!

 At the meeting to stop Nnamdi Kanu and his quest for Biafra agitation,pleading that he stop his supporters to relapse on Biafra pursuit, Kanu says: 'these are the people that sent me. I didn't send myself. If you leaders genuinely love this land and her people, you will not call these people my supporters but our supporters. They are pursuing the most sacred cause in life. That is freedom! You don't kill people who are begging for breathe and life. It is sacrilegious but you have done such. Biafrans want freedom which is life'.

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