Thursday, 7 September 2017

People with disabilities in Kebbi state to be appointed special advisers,in government. See why:

Disabled people on courtesy visit to Kebbi state governor,
demanding for political post.

You see, many of our articles have centered on the issue of street begging in society,on seeing that there is hardly a place or a country in the world that beggars are not found. In the same way,we have also discovered that among beggars,we have over 70% of people who are handicapped ,deformed and disabled. We then asked: Is there any situation that justifies begging? But surprisingly,there is no 'YES' for an answer. Showing that there is no beggar,who is completely handicapped that he or she should make begging,a means of living.

People with disabilities in Kebbi state to be appointed special advisers in the government. Isn't this interesting? When I first got the report,I said YES,finally I could see some sense of responsibility coming from these group of people. When I heard that they have association,it also feels that very soon,the issue of dejection,or the feelings of incompleteness will no longer be for them.

Personally,I feel that these people,people with disabilities who are this reasonable,be also given a chance to be part of today's government. They are humans in all senses,having functional brains,being able to articulate,reason,and wanting to be part of governance,in order to contribute to the growth and development of our nation. Only reasonable and well meaning citizens can think in this direction!

The Chairman of the association, Malam Muhammad Argungu said the appointment of members of the association as special advisers would ensure their access to government and enable them to contribute to the state’s policy and decision making.  Can't you see?

He also appealed for award of scholarship to children of the members of the association schooling in tertiary institutions.  He said “we want to appeal for offer of employment of our members, especially as they have been trained in many skills for self sustenance.”  These group of disabled people are different from other handicapped on the road, who do not think of how to give to government but only how to receive from people all the time. Even from what they make daily in begging,they do not care for the future of their children,not to talk of sending them to schools, But here are different group of handicapped,demanding that they should be given opportunities to be useful to themselves,and the government and for their children's future to be guaranteed.

What is the government waiting for? This is a welcome development. The government should positively consider them ,bring them along and give them opportunity to realize their good potentials for the good of themselves and society at large!!!

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