Sunday, 17 September 2017

Security agents,combing the length and breadth of the South East in search of IPOB leader

Nigerian Army

No doubt,since the Nigerian Army declared IPOB members terrorist organization,following their action to prevent the military from invading the home of their leader,prince Nnamdi Kaanu,the IPOB leader
himself,whom the people of Biafra are fighting for have not been able to show himself. Just where he is no one knows,except his right men and members.

According to IPOB members,prince Nnamdi Kanu was advised to be on a hideout so that he will not be re arrested by Nigerian government. Now,the security agent such as pollice,soldiers and the  rest,are combing the breadth and length of the southeast to get Nnamdi Kanu out!

Is Nnamdi Kanu really hiding or can we say that the security agents have not been able to locate his where about? Can a man with lion;s heart as prince Nnamdi really be hiding from security agents? Can a man who declares that he fears no death be on the hideout to save the life he has offered for the actualization of Biafra? ?

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