Monday, 4 September 2017

The death of Nollywood actor Okwy,Chukwujekwu announced: ''A SMALL CLIP OF MY FRIEND LYING DEAD''

''May your soul Rest In Peace my friend my brotherly my colleague'' -Odira Nwobu


Well yesterday being 4th of September 2017, the death of Noolywood actor,Okwy Chukwujekwu  was announced by a close friend whose name is Odira Nwobu saying: '''I do not know what to say and where to start. All i know is that this life is nothing. I am scared and still confused. I taught he was just acting for me but not on till BOSS enter ambulance motor going down to NNEWI. May your soul Rest In Peace my friend my brotherly my colleague. I AM SCARED I DO NOT KNOW WHO IS NEXT @main_bossman1 @main_bossman1 i wonder how your mother will feel like to hear this sad news. THIS IS NOT A MOVIE. '.A small clip of my friend lying dead'

That was the offense of people. The statement : A small clip of my friend lying dead'. What's wrong with that statement? Nigerian guys aren't happy at all with it! If you ask me,I would say that ''A small clip of my friend lying dead'' is a mere artistic expression. Odira Nwobu does not mean any joke or unseriousness in the said death of his close friend and colleagues. He is not laughing at it!

In literature,when someone wants to announce that someone has died,he could simply say ''he has kicked the bucket'' Wouldn't you also get angry with such expression? Wouldn't you rather feel that the artistic expression is wrong? Can someone die and all somebody got to say is ''he kicked the bucket'' ? Is he joking with the death of a deceased you might ask?

The title : ''A small clip of my friend lying dead'' is rather a very intelligent style of an artist to release or announce something tragic to people. In the clip is the story of how,and what killed the friend and when the friend died,how he is being buried and every other story. If I were disappointed in Odila statement,it is only in the fact that he did not give the fact of the demise of his dear friend to us. His statements are so empty and lacking many convincing genres to pass the message of his friend death. We didn't hear in your voice that your friend is really dead Mr Odila. You have a title of a good story writer,but you don't have the rudiment to fatten the skeleton!!!

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