Saturday, 23 September 2017

''The journey to self-discovery is such a difficult journey'' says comedian Bovi, as he recounts his journey to success

Well,the truth is that talent is not given to everyone,but gift is. This is where self-discovery comes in. You,I and everyone of us must discover for himself his own path in life. What is your selling point? where do you have your mastery in? Which is your area of specialization in life? You must have one!

Self-discovery is one difficult thing to do in life. Along the way,so many people give up during the way of discovery selves,because the demand and the cost of self-discovery is so much expensive to achieve. Here,comedian Bovi recounts his journey to success in entertainment world. Here is what he says on his Instagram Page:

''The most difficult journey you will travel in life is the journey to self-discovery. When you know yourself and accept who you are, you will use your strengths to touch the world and accept your weaknesses just as they are. You will be sorry not only when you're wrong. You will be sorry just because it makes others feel good about themselves. You will love yourself so much, you wouldn't need anybody's validation to believe in yourself. 

You will avoid manipulative people not because you're arrogant, but because light and darkness don't mix. You will be patient with fools because you understand they need help and it's nothing personal. You will understand that nothing is ever really personal. People will only curse you because they're emotionally unstable. Love is such a strong feeling. And only self-love can make you silent in the face of provocation. You will know when to quit trying. You will learn to laugh at yourself when you error. You will do the things that make you happy regardless of who believes in you or not. You will not try to impress. 

You will understand that all human beings are ordinary people doing extraordinary great things or stupid things. You will admire trends but won't be compelled to follow them. You will not feel inferior, you will not be proud. You will not be insecure. You will be a god but you will not judge. But the journey to self-discovery is such a difficult journey. Only a few travel it successfully''

In all,life is worth living only when one discovers self! Failure to discover self,makes one work blindly,fall into pits,and finally,end unhappily in life!!!

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