Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Tennis star,Serena Williams,sends her stepmother packing out of of her marital home

 Serena Williams fires her stepmother

The Tennis star,everyone in the world knows,is such a cool and kind hearted woman. She is a professional career person who knows nothing else in the world except her tennis pitch. She loves it so much than anything or anyone else in this world. Her name is Serena Williams.

At first when everyone thought she was never gona marry,she was asked ''what about having a baby''? And she said: ''What's that for?'' as though having a child doesn't interest her. Surprisingly,before the eyes of everyone could be opened,Serena Williams got a suitor,a serious fiancee and before they knew it,Serena Williams got pregnant. Yes,she said ''Yes I will'' but not ''Yes I do''! On September 1st,she welcomes her first baby with her fiancee.

The Tennis star,Serena Williams,sends her stepmother packing out of her marital home. Why Serena? Why would you do that? ''The lavish West Palm Beach house in Florida, is owned by Serena Williams,her 38 year old stepmother,the mother of one got married to Serena’s father Richard Williams,who is now 75 years, in 2010'' says the report.

Here is the point: Lakeisha,the stepmother of Serena Williams came to breach the peace in Williams family. According to Serena's thought,her father does not need a second wife in his life. Their family is enough.What is a 38 year old woman looking for in a man old enough to be her father? If she has to stay,at least,not in the house owned by another woman Serena Williams,but at least in the house of her own husband. There is no place for her in Serena Williams house!
Serena doesn't like to share. She hates intruders,gold diggers,who like to perch,where there are roses!

If you are an honest character,you would hate the place of a second wife in a family. A woman after wasting her time in nuisance would come perch on a happy family at the end of the day,to tear it apart,and bring division,and you are asking she should be given a place? No let her go! And if she is really in marriage,if Serena Williams father really married her and wants her to be with him,let him go and get a house,a home for his wife!! Yes,that is what a husband does for his wife!!!

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