Saturday, 9 September 2017

Tips on how to enjoy a better relationship

What are the tips to enjoy a better relationship?
Beautiful People vs Beautiful Relationships

Even though,not every man or woman on earth born of a woman will get married,definitely,everyone living,must at one point in time in life have feelings to be with an opposite s*x and sometime,have the urge for s*x.

Relationship,begins in life as early as
boys and girls get to their teens,the bloom of the youth,when their body members spell attraction to the opposite s*x. However,it has been observed that not all relationships succeed.Some fail,making one party to weep bitterly,while some joyfully succeed,making both parties rejoice. Are there tips for a happy relationship? Can someone actually enjoy a good relationship? What are the tips on how to enjoy a better relationship? Here are the points:


  • The worst thing someone can do in a relationship is to compare one relationship to another,say your friend's relationship. This is so common among the girls. ''You see,her boyfriend is calling again and mine never ever did today''. ''Tami's boyfriend always buys her gift,but my,hardly''. Girls,this is a very wrong thing to do. Your boyfriend has his own way to appreciate you. As long as he was the person that came to you for a relationship,give him time,appreciate the bit he gives to keep you. No two persons,ever show love exactly the same way!

  • While in relationship,set your eyes off any other guy or lady. Focus on the person you are in a relationship with and do not expect more than your partner can give.

  • Share your history together. What people do not know is that it forms a strong bond that can tie both of you together,giving you more reasons to get in touch with each other,looking forward to being where the other is,and appreciating each other.

  • If the guy you’re with meets another girl with a similar sense of humor, or mirror-image values, that doesn’t mean he’s going to feel the kind of connection he feels with you.So relax,and don't get it mixed up! If possible,try to appreciate what seems good in the eyes of your boyfriend,and get some tap from it.

  • Dear ladies,there is nothing as bad as forcing to make a relationship work. Let it go naturally,watch your relationship as it grows,if it is not lurking toward a right path,if it is not making you happy,please,quit! And let it go!!!

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