Monday, 11 September 2017

To All Those Girls That Will Never Say Hi To A Guy You Deeply Admire This Is For You!!

According to him,his now fiancee was the person who began knocking. She had to knock for months before Omega could open the door for her. She never gave up on the one her heart
admires. To all those girls that will never say Hi to a guy you deeply admire but bottle up your feelings to the grave; This is for you,says Omega!

 Well, everything about the  statement above was mentioned by Omega Humez,who took to his Facebook page and began to show off the pretty pictures of himself and his fiancee,who he has finally made up his mind to walk down the isle with very soon.

What is Omega advising our ladies to do here? To go after men whom they are attracted to and tell them ''I love you''. Can we be in relationship? Yes,that is his point! Well if you ask me,I would say that there is nothing entirely wrong with telling a man you are attracted to that you love him,even though it is never and from the moment,we cannot see it being the culture of Africa,tomorrow. To the white women,yes,it is very easy to say and do,being the reason why Omega's now fiancee kept going after him on Facebook until she got him,Omega,tied his heart and soul with love and much feelings for her!

To start with,if you love a guy and cannot tell him so,it is fine according to your culture,but at least say ''Hi'' as often as you see his appearance anywhere. Don't ever fail to signal whenever you feel his shadow. Since you cannot tell him how you fell with your mouth,at least tell it to him in your actions.Don't rest as long as your heart keeps beating for him! Look for a way,search for a method to trap him into your net!

Ladies who love certain guys but do not know how to express it would normally say ''Hi'' to them as often as it is possible. This can make a guy give some attention,making his eye point at you.Then in time,they invite them over for outing,making their first move! I would like to take some pizza, this weekend,can we go together? Even if he says no,this time,the obvious possibility is that he will give you an appointment on when to take you out,and from there,everything begins! 

Making a move to someone you love is the one way you can keep your heart desire on rest.Since you got the feelings for him first,it is just right and natural you take the move to say ''Hi'' to him and continue knocking until he opens!!!

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