Tuesday, 5 September 2017

To The Married And To Those Broken In Heart, Do Not Give Up! - Dame Judi Dench the 82 year old woman who finds love again

 ''Never give up in your relationship''-Dame Judi

Don't give up your love

In as much as couples cry in their marriages,in as much as there are those who weep and curse marriages,couples who file and get divorced on daily basis,couples who cheat and are being cheated on,there are celebrations of marriages! Couples can celebrate and bless marriage,yes,there are couples who can say to their partners : ''In the next world,I will still choose you''.

What have made marriages thrived? What is the secret of happy and successful marriage? How can I enjoy my marriage with my partner? These are the questions that every one,married and single wants to know. But first,let us see the relationship between Oscar winning actress, Dame Judi Dench who now is 82,and her boyfriend,David Mills, who is 73 years old.

Well,remember that Dame Judi Dench lost her husband of 30 years old,Michael Williams to cancer in 2001. What could have made Dame Judi to still feel in love again? The fact that she is still alive,and blood still runs through her veins! Even in her 80's,she still feels loved and has urged her fellow octogenarians not to give up on healthy sex life. She also says: ''To the married and those broken in heart,: Do not give up''!

If there is a secret to happy marriage,it is no other than love and respect for marriage.Do not ever think of leaving your marriage for any reason,and no matter your age,always allow yourself to feel love! Age is nothing in marriage,only make sure,that it is your desire,your heartthrob that you say ''yes I do'' to.

Always live freely and forgive freely. Do not try to hurt your partner in a way of giving him back! Let your  heart always be filled with love and love and love in your marriage,and before you know it,till death do you apart,you will always be loved and feel loved!!! 

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