Saturday, 2 September 2017

''Wait,until I come back from Salla''. A relief official,NEMA,told a Lawyer who called to drop some relief materials for Benue flood victims!

 Photo: A lawyer,who was thrown off with her relief materials
for Benue flood victims by NEMA relief official


Can you imagine that negligence? ''Wait until I come back from Salla.'' A relief official,NEMA told a lawyer who called to drop some relief materials to Benue flood victims. How could a National Emergency Management Agency,NEMA,say a thing like this in this time of need?

There came a flood,a heavy flood that swept people's houses and properties away,leaving them homeless without anything. Yes,some good hearted Nigerians and people all over the world,are coming to give out some relief material to these victims,only for the relief official,NEMA to ask them to wait until he is back from Salla celebration.

This report was given because someone who has a heart of that of gold for the good of her people,someone,who also happens to be a lawyer,who hates arrant nonsense could not battle with this bad and poor response of the worse negligence ever,coming from a public service office. A lot of you out there would see bad attitudes from public service offices and would keep quiet! Let's listen to this young lady,a lawyer,who shuns nonsense,no matter where it is coming from,Bar.Olufunke Fasunon:


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