Friday, 15 September 2017

What It Takes To Become A Crowned Beauty Queen

Yea yea,here comes the most beautiful girl in Nigeria, MBGN 2017. Have you seen her? Do you know her? Where does she come from? Who is she ? What makes her the most beautiful girl in Nigeria? And all of that!!

Yes,the most beautiful girl in Nigeria 2017 is no other person than Miss
  Kebbi, state,Ugochi Ihezue. A lot of people do not actually know the qualities that make one Miss beauty queen. If it were someone with the most beautiful skin or character,then two or more people will have to win the beautiful crown some day at the same time,or cause commotion.

Miss Ugoch iIhezue as the name implies originated from the southeast Nigeria,but here she is representing Kebbi state. This means that,in the beauty pageant,the place where one comes from is not considered.What judges are always looking out for are qualities that can make their queen presentable anytime,anywhere,any day.

Confidence,charisma. While Confidence is considered KING in the pageant world,Charisma is said to be Queen in the Pageant World!You need to prove to the judges that you can stand any crowd and represent your brand confidently as a beauty queen. You need to be magnetic and charming to always winning your target as a beauty queen as well!

Intelligence! That is the Chief queen and king of it all. You just have to be articulative as a beauty queen.To answer questions such as :

  • Who are you most inspired by and why?

  • Why did you decide to enter this pageant?

  • If you could live anywhere in the world which would it be and why?   
requires intelligence! As a beauty queen,you must prove that you have what it takes to put things in place and make things work smoothly and correctly. 

My dear lady,if all you could think of every day of your life is what body cream you can buy to have the most beautiful skin on earth and your brain is not stocked with knowledge,you cannot be any thing close to ''Miss Beauty Queen''anywhere under the sun!!

From all of us here,Congratulations,Ugochi Ihezue,our most beauty queen!!!

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