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How To Handle Sudden Change In Relationship And Be Free Again

How To Handle Sudden Change In Relationship And Be Free Again-Image result for sudden change in relationship

Over 50% of secondary school students are in one form of relationships with opposite s*x or the other,but are not being sure of what they are doing!

When you come down to ladies between ages 20 and 37,you would find out that virtually all of them claim they are not single or searching,but they are
in relationships for marriage.

Being in one form of serious relationship with opposite s*x is expected of any young lady mature for marriage. Unfortunately,not every relationship is a working,healthy relationships!

This explains why on earth some ladies might be in relationships for 3,4,5 or even up to 10 years with one man,and yet,they are not still sure or convinced if they in a relationship or not,or if their relationship will lead them to marriage. At last,this type of relationship shatters and breaks up. Read more: How Do I Know It Is Finally Over With Him?

How would somebody be in relationship for almost a decade only to get nothing from it you would ask?

It is very simple! Before any relationship collapses,shatters or breaks up,there must have been enough signs for it. First,your partner begins to display some sudden changes and attitude so strange to signal indifference but some ladies would not know how to handle it.

Here are steps on how to handle sudden change in relationship and be free again!

  • First,when you notice some sudden changes in the attitude of your boyfriend,don't hide it or pretend everything is fine. Ask him what could be wrong and why he is acting the way he does. Your next action depends on what he tells you.

  • However,if he says ''nothing''' or there is nothing wrong with the way things are going,do not take the answer to be truly so! This is because,no man can tell his girlfriend of many years that is it over between them just like that!

  • Again,if the sudden change of your boyfriend continues to show in different ways,and the bond of your relationship continues loosen,then that relationship is lost! Just accept it and move.Tell yourself that it is over and start setting your mind off him,whether he tells you or not that it is over!

Forcing a weaken relationship to work is the worst thing a lady can do. In fact,the more you force a dying leave to keep up,the more you are weakening it to be.

A falling relationship is a sign that someone somewhere else is a better partner for you. If the man you are in a relationship with is a better partner for you,he wouldn't be drifting or showing indifference!

Always remember that there is no best relationship,no best marriage and there is no best partner on earth! If you ever feel that if you leave him or the relationship,you will die,then you are speaking from unrealistic point of view!

In summary,whenever you get to find out that your relationship with any man is not working,the moment you find out there are negative sudden changes in the attitude of your man,start making up your mind to leave the relationship no matter how long it's been.  

Ladies,do not force things where they are not fit! Do not force things work,where they cannot work!!!

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