Thursday, 15 February 2018

Should She Keep Waiting For Her Fiance For This Long To Come Back From Prison?

Overtime,ladies have been left by either their boyfriends or fiances after being engaged,and asked to wait for the return of their lovers for
many years.

Sometimes,this many years could be 7 years,10 or even 15 years!
If you have someone,a friend,a sister or lovely family friend who has been engaged by her boyfriend or fiance and has been asked to wait for his return,what would you advise her to do if she asked you  for advice?Would you  advise her to forget her boyfriend or fiance and hook with another man? Would you ask her to continue remaining faithful to him?
A young woman who is 29 years old has a similar issue. Here is her narration:

What should she do? Nigerian woman at crossroads after her boyfriend bags 15 years in prison abroad and insists she waits for him

What should she do? Nigerian woman at crossroads after her boyfriend bags 15 years in prison abroad and insists she waits for him

So what advice would you give her? Remember,she is already committed with her fiance before he traveled abroad. 2,They are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend but a little more mature than that.
When your boyfriend makes his intentions known to you,when he proposes to you and makes his intention for marriage known to your and his families,he has become more than a boyfriend but a fiancee.

Well from here,since the lady has accepted to marry him,giving all her heart to him she shouldn't give up on him.
From the story above,the lady is not interested in another man,neither does her family even though they know the situation intent to make her love another man! Each and every day her mother prays for the safe return of her fiance. Therefore,why would she be advised to hook up with another man?

Moreover,her fiance is still very much interested in his woman. He doesn't want anything to hurt her or make her feel sad. It is not as if he's abandoned her for another woman,or as if his where about and his intentions are no longer known.
He is still talking about marriage with the lady in question. So,why should the girl be advised to hook up with another man?

The only problem the lady is having here is the issue of time.She has to wait for her fiance for 15 good years and this bothers her because she is already 29 years old. She fears that by 15 years later when she will have been 44,it might be late for her to bear children,but apart from that,she can still wait for her fiance to return!
Good enough however,her fiance has advised she could come to Indonesia where he is and perhaps get pregnant for him.

This lady doesn't really have problem from all we could see here. She has a fiancee and they are still together.He has good plans for her to make her happy and fulfilled,and she is asking us to tell her what to do.
Dear friends,what advice would you give the lady in question???