Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Wahala Of Being Whom You Are To Guys With High Social Class

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Okay we have heard it all and we have concluded that seriously,differences in social class has really caused a lot of stumbling blocks in dating.

We have such girls from poor economic background everywhere around the globe being met with big boys from highly influential and affluent home background,not just coming for friendship,but really for  marriage.

How do you start? Where do you even start from? Okay,he just asked you to take him to your house so he could say hi to your parent,but the thought of how you could take him to that one over crowded room of your house where about five people occupy makes you sick. What would you do? Read more: ''No,There Is Nothing Like Gender Equality'' - Obiakalusi,Marriage Counselor 

You see,the problem here is not the fact that many girls out there live in one congested room with their parents and siblings,but the highly and influential way they portray themselves outside.

When you see some girls outside acting,you would think they have traveled the four corners of the earth,or that they shop in Dubai. How disappointed many of us have been,when we find out the hut and shelter,where they come out from!

So that is the problem,the girls themselves. When however,some big boys in town get attracted to some of these girls thinking they are from the same social background,it now becomes the worries of the girls on how to take the boys home and show them where they indeed come from!

Point of correction,we are not saying that our girls should dress in rags or look as their backgrounds no,but let it not be that they are imitating the Nollywood  actresses in their wears and classy attitudes.

From our findings,we have discovered that some of these girls from poor backgrounds could do anything to make themselves appear rich and classy,but forget that it doesn't end there!

More shocking too is that not even one of hem is reasonable to give financial support to their parents to move from wooden to glass window houses! The money they make anyhow goes on their wardrobes and that is how much sense they have!

My dear forming lady,if you meet a cool young guy from affluent home,how would you do it? Would you rather take him to a friend's house who lives at the up north? You see the wahala of forming and trying to fit where you don't yet belong?

Trying to raise shoulders with people on the high side  is more than running before your shadow and of course the result is frustration,shame and disappointment!

Come down dear growing girls and see beyond looking like a big chic on the street and look forward to enriching yourself with education! Build yourself,build your future strong with education and good career,and no matter how poor your background might be,where you come from,it will soon be erased among things of the past!

Then let him come,the guy with social class,the man of affluent,the man that wears the royal robe! If he asks, you should take him to your home,of course you would proudly show him your humble beginning,the place that gave birth to the wise,intelligent lady who will make history tomorrow!!!

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