Friday, 25 May 2018

The Only Relationship Where You Will Never Have Your Heart Broken!

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Yes I know you are so anxious to know the only relationship where you will Never Have Your Heart Broken!

Has it broken before? How many times? Now you want to know the only relationship where you will not any more have your heart broken right? Don't worry. Relax. I will tell you. And it is true,it does exist!

You know,relationship in some aspects is so so sweet and even sweeter than marriage. But on one other side of it,it is so so bitter,and more bitter than marriage!

Tell me any relationship you have seen,heard about or have known where either of the parties or both never cried and wished they had never formed and been in a relationship. There is none! 

If one's heart was not broken while in relationship before marriage,she would definitely have it broken many times in marriage where she would have to hold that heart with both hands,as if it is already falling out.

Your boyfriend from his very heart would truly love you but as a sinful mortal he would unintentionally do or forget to do one thing that would have made you happy.

Sometimes,as he is contemplating whether he is making right decision,if you are truly the best he could have as life partner,he takes a break to be alone to be in thought with his right senses! Then your are seen somewhere crying and weeping,tearing and breaking your heart apart in the name that he has broken your heart! Hmm,ladies!

Then the man,when the girl he thinks is simply the best choice he could make for a life partner is not being serious with him,when her heart is not really engaged in the business of love,he feels he would die if she finally says no to him! Dear men,why? Is she indispensable? Your lifeline?

There is actually one relationship where you will NEVER have your heart broken!

It is Not a relationship with your heartthrob,Not a relationship where the woman is stronger than her husband,Not a relationship where the husband has absolute control of his wife and it is certainly Not in a relationship where a man and a woman have taken secret spiritual covenant  to love and be with each other till death!

The only relationship where you will NEVER have your heart broken is in a RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!!!