Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Magic Secret to Becoming An Eloquent Speaker

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And You Think That Eloquent Speaker Was Born Eloquent? This Is The Magic!

And after listening to that powerful speaker,someone said: ''He is fortunate to be born with it. Unlike us,who are not born that way,we can never speak well as he does.''

Then I begin to research to find out whether it is true that some people are actually born to become eloquent speakers.

Yes I succeeded in my research and I got something very interesting to share with you. But before that,I want to say again that I have observed something among some listeners who admire bold and powerful speakers anywhere around the world.

It is the feeling of inferiority complex that quickly purges in them when they are listening to eloquent speakers that tells them that they cannot do it! That they cannot and will never become like this good and powerful speaker up there no matter how much they try.

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Then,rather than become motivated by what they see and hear and attempt to give a try,following necessary steps to climb,they just give up and condemn selves. This is bad! and very negative!


Who are eloquent speakers? Are some people born eloquent speakers or are there specially skills one could acquire to become an eloquent speaker?

Simply put,an eloquent speaker is one who expresses himself clearly and powerfully. When he speaks,sleeping eyes are awaken by his clear and penetrating voice.

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An eloquent speaker doesn't have to shout before his voice is heard or penetrated! His conviction on what he says is the powerful drive that sends the message to the minds and hearts of his listeners.

Although eloquence is used to describe oral speech,it can also be used to describe powerful writing.

Are some people born eloquent speakers? The following questions give the answer:

How do you become well spoken?

How do I sound more intelligent?

How can I sound articulate?

How can I speak more clearly?

Again our question: ''Are some people born eloquent speakers?

The questions raised above simply prove that people who are conscious of how they speak,people who are interested in speaking intelligently; People who are hungry and thirsty for being well spoken of in society are those who become eloquent speakers.

One can be intelligent in his field of learning,but if he does not sound articulate,more intelligent and clearly,he is not an eloquent speaker.

Obviously,this takes hard work and perseverance to accomplish.

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And I have searched and searched and have come to conclude that there is nothing on earth one is particularly born to become. Whatever one is,or someone wants to become is what one truly loves to become and with hard work and earnest effort, deep interest and perseverance towards his desire,he surely becomes his heart desire! 

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The hand writing on the wall of eloquent speaking and writing says: 

''To attain acute speech in life,you must have the logic of a philosopher,the language of a poet,the memory of a lawyer,the voice of tragedian and the gesture of the best actors!!!''

Can't you see? To become an eloquent speaker is not an easy journey that one can accomplish in a day. If one or some people were born eloquent speakers,they wound't have to live a life of another professional to become like he is. They would simply open their mouths and automatically begin to speak eloquently whenever they want to speak if they were born eloquent speakers. But this doesn't sound natural! It is only magic that could do this!

Dear MOTIVATIONAL friend,next time you sit and watch an eloquent speaker speaks,don't say you can't do it if you admire to so. But if eloquent speaking does not interest you,if all you want is to speak like an ordinary you,it's fine and okay.

Just sit,listen to that eloquent speaker when he speaks powerfully like he is not from this planet earth and give him his deserved standing ovation when you clap.

Yes,he deserves it because he works hard to achieve it!

Never say he was born that way as if he didn't work hard for it. Remember,'To attain acute speech in life,you must have the logic of a philosopher,the language of a poet,the memory of a lawyer,the voice of tragedian and the gesture of the best actors!!''

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He did acquire and apply these must requirements to become an eloquent speaker!!!