Thursday, 28 June 2018

How Do I Knoow It Is Dating?

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What dating really is!

What exactly is dating all about?

Okay,we have come to the stage where every boy and girl would have to really know what dating is simply all about so that we all would know when our boy/girlfriend has disappointed us when they leave.

A lot of girls especially have cried and lamented that their boyfriends have left them for other girls andd when critically looked at,we found out that there was never anything so serious they have been into. Yet,girls call it dating!

Dear girls and also boys,how do you know it is dating? How do I know it is dating? This is what this topic aims to address!

'Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship or marriage.''

 Simply put,it is dating when you and your friend are going out together,being emotionally attached together and learning more about each other for the interest of marriage.

What do you and your boyfriend discuss each time you meet or converse over the phone? Does he feel exactly what you feel for him? If you both are emotionally attached to each other and he feels emotionally to you as you do,and he tells you certain things like: ''This is the kind of food you will have to be cooking when we finally settle down'',or if he says ''I am doing everything possible to see that you won't complain tomorrow in the house'' and all of that,then,that means you guys are dating. He is thinking about marraige with you!

If he eventually leaves for no reasonable reason,then be sure he has disappointted you. Don't run after him,let him go ! The law of karma would visit him on your behalf.

However,there are situations where boys and girls find themselves emotionally attached to the other without the other feeling the same way. This is so so common among girls. When they see that man coming,her heart jumps and she begins to feel differently and uncontrolled. Before you know it,she has made friend with his sister to have asses to his house.

If she does not go to his house today,she will be there tomorrow. And whenever she goes there,she would be one gentle and clean lady,looking out for what to do for the man she admires in the name of family friend.

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Some of these girls go to the extend of even cooking and washing with the sister of the man she admires whenever she visits and then indirectly serves the man himself. Before long,he begins to appreciate her and probably take them out.

Next time,the bold girl would invite him to her house and he would just go because she is his family friend.

Dear girls,this is not dating! Even if he takes you out or buys you anything knowing you would be in their house when he comes back,it is not because,he loves you and he is considering marriage with you. It is because he wants to appreciate you for your kindness to him and his family,and he also wants to appreciate your friendship with his sister.

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Remember the definition of dating: ''A stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship or marriage.''

No matter how long you keep going to his house,if he has never displayed some romantic gesture to you especially when you are away from their house,if he never misses your absence or calls you to know where you are if not in their house as usual,if he never tells you that he wants you both to be closer than usual in order to see if you guys can make something out of your relationship,then my dear,forget it,you are not dating!

Do not get angry if by tomorrow you see him come home with a lady or see him hanging out with another woman out there.

Whoever a man's heart leaps for, is whoever he goes for!

You see a man and you love his look and appearance,and your heart begins to go for him,that is somehow natural. Yes,our eyes loves what is good and pleasant. To help yourself my lady,gently remove your mind from him unless he also feels the same likeness and attraction for you.

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Remember,it takes two to tangle!! The journey of love is when two hearts beat as one!!!